Nokia joins other companies in flying to the Moon

In 2024, there will be numerous hearings scheduled for various space missions to the moon. NASA, as well as three national space administrations and private space companies, will be taking landers, probes, rovers, and spaceships to the moon and its orbit. Nokia is currently testing a 4g network near the Moon’s south pole in harsh conditions and expects it to last two weeks in strong radiation.

Private company Intuitive Machines plans to send equipment to the moon in the summer, including a test station. Japan also has plans to send a lander to the moon in January. Nokia is experimenting with a direct connection to the Moon in the summer, sending data and images via the link and attempting to control devices remotely through the mobile phone network.

The year 2024 is expected to be busy for moon missions, with many ships and experiments planned as part of NASA projects. The United States plans to build a permanent base near the Moon’s south pole by the beginning of the 2030s through the Artemis project. China is also planning to take equipment to the Moon in May, and if successful, will bring a sample from the side of the Moon that is never visible to Earth back to Earth for the first time.

However, NASA has announced that the Artemis 2 flight of astronauts, which was scheduled for November, will be postponed by a year due to battery problems with the spacecraft. The landing of two astronauts on the Moon is now scheduled for the end of 2026.

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