7 Things to Know About the Rabies Vaccine

Rabies vaccine is a crucial tool in preventing the deadly disease, and its prompt administration is essential to save lives. Dr. Bui Thanh Phong, the Medical Manager of the VNVC Vaccination System, emphasized this point while highlighting the high mortality rate of rabies. Despite widespread awareness, many deaths still occur due to lack of vaccination after being bitten or scratched by animals. In just the first three months of 2024, Vietnam reported 27 deaths from rabies, underscoring the urgency of vaccination.

To ensure people understand the importance and are vaccinated promptly, Dr. Phong outlined seven key points regarding rabies vaccination. It is vital to receive the vaccine early after an animal bite to produce specific antibodies that prevent the rabies virus from reaching the nervous system. Anti-rabies serum should also be administered for enhanced effectiveness. Even if an animal appears healthy after a bite, vaccination is still necessary as the virus can have a long incubation period before symptoms manifest.

Contrary to popular beliefs, people vaccinated against rabies do not need to abstain from sexual activity during their vaccination period. However, it is advisable to avoid strenuous physical activities and substances that may reduce the efficacy of the vaccine. A single shot of the vaccine is not enough to provide long-term immunity and requires a full regimen prescribed by a healthcare professional for complete protection against illness and death.

Pregnant women can safely receive the rabies vaccine without altering their vaccination schedule or experiencing any fetal abnormalities due to vaccination. Modern rabies vaccines available in Vietnam are safe, pure, and highly effective in preventing this deadly disease.

Rabies vaccine costs vary depending on facility type and dosage range from 250 thousand VND to 500 thousand VND per dose.

Accessing reliable vaccination facilities such as hospitals, health centers, and clinics is crucial for timely and effective prevention against this deadly disease.

By understanding the importance of rabies vaccination and following medical advice, individuals can protect themselves and their communities from this deadly disease’s effects on health outcomes while saving lives with prompt administration.

By Samantha Johnson

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