Content of the draft agriculture law presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday

France is set to adopt a long-awaited draft orientation law on agriculture in the summer. The bill, centered on “food sovereignty” and the “renewal of generations”, has been revised after the agricultural crisis to address farmers’ demands for simpler regulations and more favorable environmental standards.

One of the key aspects of the new law is the recognition of agriculture and fishing as being of “major general interest” alongside aquaculture. This designation aims to guide decisions on agricultural projects and disputes, ensuring that public policies contribute to enhancing food security without burdening farmers.

The bill also addresses challenges faced by new workers in the agricultural sector, as well as adapting production systems to climate change. It includes creating a new agro bachelor diploma program and establishing a national network for agricultural services to support new installations. Additionally, it allows for the formation of agricultural land investment groups to facilitate access to land for new farmers.

The government has pledged to reduce procedural delays in cases of litigation related to irrigation projects and livestock buildings, while proposing replacing criminal sanctions with administrative penalties for environmental damage cases. Moreover, efforts will be made to simplify regulations regarding hedge planting and preservation to promote biodiversity and environmental protection.

Overall, this draft law seeks to address significant issues facing France’s agricultural sector, such as generational renewal, climate change adaptation, and regulatory simplification. While some farming unions have supported the bill, others have expressed concerns about its lack of ambition and impact on food sovereignty. The legislation will undergo further amendments and debates before being adopted in Parliament.

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