Igor Hajdarhodžić is a multifaceted artist known for his work in theater, music, painting, sculpture, and shipbuilding. While he has spent 26 years of his life in the theater, he has recently shifted his focus to other forms of art.

In his Dubrovnik workshop, Igor lists off his hobbies and interests, ranging from drawing and painting to music and even building large iron structures. He explains that he devotes time to all of these pursuits, allowing his day to flow freely as he moves between different artistic expressions.

Despite being an actor at heart, Igor admits that acting doesn’t come naturally to him. He studied it deeply and finds it difficult to “get over” what he learned. However, lately, he has been putting more emphasis on other forms of art such as painting and music.

His time in theater provided him with valuable skills and knowledge that have shaped his current path in life. He believes that the various interests and skills he possesses in different fields have allowed him to pursue hobbies such as painting and working with his hands without any limitations or boundaries.

Igor’s work in art also serves as a way for him to express his concerns about society and the exodus of people from Dubrovnik. Despite some dissatisfaction with state intervention in shipbuilding and lack of cultural appreciation for national heritage, Igor remains dedicated to restoring old ships and consulting on boat design. He attributes his success to his unwavering love for the craft and ability to let life guide plans rather than relying on institutions for support.

Igor believes that children are a great source of inspiration and has learned just as much from them as they have from him. He sees potential in caulking as a craft that will ensure its future by engaging young people’s interest in working with their hands.

In summary, Igor continues to pursue all of his interests while using art as a medium for expression and social commentary. He remains optimistic about the future despite some challenges facing the industry.

Overall, Igor Hajdarhodžić is a unique individual who is passionate about exploring various forms of art while using them as means of personal growth and social commentary.

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