In a traumatic moment, the man she was married to for 15 years told her that he didn’t love her anymore. Despite her intuition warning her for years, she ignored it until it was too late.

Nicole Rogers, an American author, announcer, and relationship coach, tried everything to save the marriage. She called his family and friends, found a couples therapist, and even asked his lover to never talk to him again. However, nothing worked as her marriage began to fall apart in the next six weeks.

After a particularly difficult therapy session in which her husband suggested a six-month trial separation to try a new relationship, Rogers reached her breaking point. She told him to leave and went in the opposite direction. When she returned home, she felt completely exhausted and spent several hours pouring out all of her emotions to the therapist.

Rogers realized that she had been neglecting her own needs and desires in order to please her husband for years. She saw how she had always put his aspirations above her own dreams of success, love, and family growth. She also realized that he had been saying ‘no’ to what she wanted for years without realizing it herself.

The therapist helped Rogers understand that passivity is action and encouraged her to take control of her life and relationships by learning what it feels like to be with a man who says ‘yes’ to her dreams. Rogers closed her eyes and imagined what life would be like if she hadn’t tried so hard to change or convince anyone else but herself. She finally learned what it meant to be available for love and partnered with someone who shared the same vision of creating a family together.

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