US and EU at odds over AI regulations: Is China poised to intervene? – POLITICO

A digital power struggle has been taking place for the past year over the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) globally, with the victor set to establish dominance over regulations for this groundbreaking technology. This was highlighted in a recent debate between Clegg, a former British deputy prime minister, and Harris, who praised Washington’s efforts to address AI risks through voluntary business agreements. von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, encouraged others to adopt Brussels’ enforceable rulebook to regulate technology more effectively.

The negotiations in the UK were likened by many observers to European powers dividing territories in the 19th century due to the involvement of various countries including China, EU members, and the US in signing a voluntary agreement to minimize AI risks. This reflects growing awareness of the issue and shows that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has catalyzed political attention, making it clear that AI regulation is becoming increasingly important.

POLITICO conducted interviews with numerous politicians, policymakers, tech executives, and other stakeholders uncovering the complex dynamics shaping the global response to AI. Many shared insights on sensitive matters shedding light on challenges and opportunities presented by this disruptive technology. Policymakers anticipate a fierce competition to establish control over AI in coming years with winners and losers emerging by 2024 as new standards are set. The rules agreed upon now will likely shape the future of AI regulation for years to come making them crucial decisions.

By Samantha Johnson

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