In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City has been revealed to be a hub of terrorism. The Israeli military discovered a 55-meter long terror tunnel beneath the hospital grounds, which was used by Hamas militants to launch attacks on Israel. This discovery sheds light on Hamas’s tactic of using sensitive buildings such as hospitals, schools, and kindergartens as shields for their operations.

The storming of the al-Shifa hospital in 2014 by Israeli forces was met with international criticism. However, new revelations have emerged that challenge this narrative. Surveillance footage shows that even doctors and other hospital staff did not reveal the presence of foreign terrorist hostages in the clinic. Additionally, two Israeli hostages were found dead near the al-Shifa complex, one of whom was assassinated inside the hospital by a Hamas terrorist.

These findings raise questions about the effectiveness of international condemnation against Israel’s actions. While it is clear that Hamas is using hospitals as a means to conduct terrorism, there seems to be little accountability for their actions. The international community must take a more active role in holding Hamas accountable for their crimes and ensuring that sensitive buildings are not used for nefarious purposes.

Overall, this content highlights the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and sheds light on the tactics used by both sides. It also presents new information about the role played by hospitals in this conflict and challenges previous narratives surrounding international criticism of Israel’s actions.

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