The authorities of the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), have denounced that Israeli forces continue to tighten the siege of the Indonesian Hospital in the north of the enclave and have warned that there are no guarantees about safe corridors for patient evacuations.

Spokesman Ashraf al Qidra from the Gaza Ministry of Health stated on Thursday that Israel seeks to convert the hospital into a military base after its crimes at Al Shifa Hospital, which was bombed by Israeli troops in recent days. He also noted that 700 people, including nearly 260 wounded and sick individuals, are currently being held in the facilities.

Qidra stressed that Israel could use wounded individuals as human shields and reiterated that they will not leave the Indonesian Hospital until every last person has been evacuated. He also highlighted that patients at Al Shifa Hospital are still being held captive without water, electricity or food.

The general director of the Gaza Ministry of Health, Munir al Bursh, explained on Thursday that it has not been possible to remove or count those who died in Israel’s attacks against the Indonesian Hospital and added that several buildings in the complex have been destroyed. He also noted that many people tried to leave but were attacked by Israeli forces. More than 100 patients require urgent surgeries with limited medical staff due to Israel’s attacks on the hospital.

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi condemned Israel’s actions against the hospital on Monday and called them a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law. She urged all countries with close relations with Israel to use their influence and capabilities to call on Israel to end its atrocities.

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