Defense Minister Ivan Anušić (HDZ) has recently made the decision to freeze his student status at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. This move comes after an article about his studies at the faculty brought attention and potential pressure to both the faculty and professors due to his ministerial position. According to sources, Anušić felt that freezing his student status would alleviate this pressure and interest from the public.

Anušić completed a three-year study at the Faculty of Kinesiology before enrolling in a postgraduate course. At the time of publication, he was confirmed as a senior by the faculty. Initially, Anušić had stated that he planned to continue his studies while in Zagreb due to having more time available. However, after receiving numerous media inquiries about his studies, he decided to put his plans on hold and freeze his student status instead.

It is worth noting that Anušić had previously stopped his high school education in order to join volunteer forces who defended Croatia at age 17. He later enrolled in university studies in 1997 and obtained a first degree status as a coach in 2021 before continuing with additional two years of study.

Overall, this decision by Anušić highlights the importance of privacy for individuals who are balancing public responsibilities with their personal lives. It also raises questions about how academic institutions handle situations where students or alumni have achieved significant public recognition or political power while still pursuing further education.

It remains to be seen if this decision by Anušić will have any long-term implications for him or for the faculty of Kinesiology. Only time will tell how this situation unfolds, but it is clear that this move has caused some disruption within the academic community and raised concerns about transparency and accountability within higher education institutions.

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