Apple to reach settlement in trade secrets lawsuit with chip startup Rivos | Tech News

Apple and tech startup Rivos have reached a settlement in their ongoing lawsuit related to trade secrets theft. The companies informed the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California that they have signed an agreement potentially resolving the case, allowing Apple to examine Rivos’ systems and recover any confidential information. Representatives for both companies declined to comment on the details of the settlement.

In 2022, Apple filed a lawsuit against Rivos, accusing it of hiring away its engineers and using confidential information to develop competing SoC technology. SoCs are integrated circuits with multiple computer components in a single chip, which are used in personal and mobile computing devices. Apple claimed that it had invested billions of dollars and over a decade in researching its SoC designs, which had revolutionized the industry.

Rivos denied the allegations and countered with claims that Apple was trying to punish them for attempting to compete with them. In response, Apple settled related claims last month against six former employees who left the company to join Rivos. The lawsuit and settlement highlight the intense competition and disputes that often arise in the fast-paced world of technological innovation.

The terms of the settlement between Apple and Rivos were not disclosed by either company, but it is expected that Rivas will agree to stop using any confidential information obtained from Apple’s engineers or systems, while also paying damages for any harm caused by their actions.

This settlement marks another chapter in an ongoing legal battle between two major players in the tech industry, highlighting the importance of protecting intellectual property rights when developing new technologies.

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