Apple is supposedly investigating home robots as their next major venture.

Apple is reportedly exploring the development of home robots as its next major product, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company has decided to scrap its self-driving car project and instead focus on creating mobile robots that can follow users as well as smart display devices.

Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that Apple engineers are in the early stages of research and development for these devices. The goal is to create a robot that can move around a user’s home, following them as needed. Additionally, they are working on a smart display device that uses robotics to rotate the display based on the user’s movements.

The smart display robot is a more advanced project compared to the mobile robot. It is designed to mimic a person’s head movements, potentially enhancing features like video calls. This project attracted the attention of senior Apple executives in the past, but there have been disagreements within the company about whether to continue with the development.

Apple has not yet commented on these reports, and it remains unclear when or if these home robots will become a reality. However, if successful, these products could revolutionize how people interact with technology in their homes, providing new ways to control and access information and entertainment content.

By Samantha Johnson

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