Aspirus Health Wins 2023 Supply Chains of Distinction Award from GHX

In 2023, Aspirus Health was recognized by Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) as a recipient of the inaugural Supply Chains of Distinction Award. This award honors hospitals and health systems in North America that excelled in driving best-in-class supply chain operations.

Aspirus Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer Stephen Spencer expressed his pride in his team for embracing technology and delivering efficiencies and service levels that care providers deserve. GHX has been a valuable partner in helping Aspirus modernize and optimize their supply chain operations.

The award is based on a set of “perfect order” metrics, measuring the percentage of purchase order lines sent across the GHX Exchange that are touchless and completely automated, from purchase through payment. By achieving these metrics, Aspirus was able to demonstrate their leadership in providing quality healthcare.

Tina Vatanka Murphy, president and CEO of GHX, stated that the Supply Chains of Distinction Award recognizes organizations that are redefining supply chain excellence and setting the standard for healthcare supply chains of the future. By embracing digital and data transformation, organizations like Aspirus are contributing to the sustainability of healthcare and making a lasting impact on patients and families.

The recipients of the award will be honored at the 2024 GHX Summit in Austin, Texas from May 13-16, 2024. The full list of 2023 winners can be found on GHX’s website.

By Samantha Johnson

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