Crowds gather at the Brandenburg Gate and Sonnenallee

In response to the recent Israeli army attack on Rafah, a group of protesters gathered in Berlin to express their opposition to the current state of affairs in Gaza. The protest was prompted by a call to action from local organizers who encouraged people to assemble at the Brandenburg Gate and launch chants while waving Palestinian flags. According to police reports, around 300 people attended the event, with no major incidents reported apart from an attempted physical attack on a press representative.

Meanwhile, in Neuk├Âlln, a spontaneous meeting was held by protesters who had gathered on the corner of Pannierstrasse and Sonnenallee. Reports indicate that there were around 100 people in attendance, all of whom were chanting slogans such as “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire Now”. Social media videos captured images of people spelling out “Rafah” with tea lights and others chanting and demanding an end to the Israeli occupation. They labeled Israel as a terrorist state and called for an immediate stop to the genocide against Palestinians.

The protests are believed to be part of a broader movement calling for an end to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which has been ongoing for decades. The Israeli army’s attack on Rafah is just one of many incidents that have led people to take up arms in protest against what they see as an unjust occupation. While some may view these protests as violent or extreme, others see them as necessary steps towards achieving lasting peace and justice for both sides.

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