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On 20 February, the fully instrumented Belle II detector at SuperKEKB in Japan recorded its first e+e– collisions since the summer of 2022. This achievement came after a long-planned shutdown, during which several upgrades and improvements were made to the facility.

The primary goal of Belle II is to uncover new phenomena through precise analysis of B mesons and other particles produced by the SuperKEKB accelerator. The experiment aims to accumulate a dataset 50 times larger than that of the former Belle experiment, which will push the boundaries of particle physics research.

The start of Run 2 in the Belle II control room on 20 February was marked by excitement and anticipation as researchers and scientists eagerly awaited the results of the first e+e– collisions since the facility’s shutdown. This milestone represents a major step forward for the Belle II experiment and the SuperKEKB accelerator, setting the stage for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the field of particle physics.

The dedication and hard work of the teams involved in the upgrades and preparations for Run 2 have paid off, and the scientific community looks forward to the wealth of knowledge and insights that will be gained from the data collected during this phase of

By Samantha Johnson

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