Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders unite to advocate for reduced healthcare expenses

President Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders joined forces on Wednesday to showcase the administration’s efforts to reduce the costs of inhalers and other healthcare needs. This event at the Indian Treaty Room at the White House aimed to highlight Biden’s legislative accomplishments to voters before the November elections. During the event, Biden expressed gratitude towards Sanders for their joint efforts over the past 25 years, finally achieving victory over Big Pharma together.

Both Biden and Sanders emphasized the benefits of the Democrats’ extensive climate, healthcare, and tax package signed into law in 2022. This legislation includes caps on various healthcare costs for Medicare beneficiaries, such as $35 per month for insulin and $2,000 annually for prescription drugs. Notably, no Republican lawmakers supported this law. Despite the popularity of Biden’s achievements in lowering healthcare costs, he has yet to receive full credit from voters.

Furthermore, Biden and Sanders highlighted their collaborative efforts to hold major inhaler manufacturers accountable by ensuring that these devices are priced at no more than $35 per month. Without insurance, inhalers can cost anywhere between $200 and $600 each. Sanders expressed his appreciation for Biden’s actions on this issue thus far and expressed eagerness to continue working together on future endeavors.

Despite their past rivalry during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, Sanders and Biden have come together to advance policies that reflect Sanders’ influence. After Sanders withdrew from the race, his team collaborated with Biden’s campaign officials to shape a party platform aligned with Sanders’ values and priorities.

This partnership has allowed both men to work towards common goals while also acknowledging each other’s contributions to politics.

In addition, both men recognized that they have different approaches when it comes to policy making but they have found a way to work together despite their differences.

Overall, this event was an opportunity for President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders to highlight their collaboration on key issues while also reaching out to voters ahead of upcoming elections.

The partnership between these two political figures is a testament that even those with differing ideologies can come together for the greater good of society.

By Samantha Johnson

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