In the 15th round of the Supersport First Football League, Croatia and Zmijavci BSK played a thrilling 1-1 draw. The match was full of excitement, with a moment that is not often seen in football. The young goalkeeper of Bijelo Brdo, Aleksandar Vukelic (18), first saved a free kick but then made a mistake and gifted a goal to the home team. This error hit him hard, but he had done well up until that point.

After the match, Denis Krstanović, the coach of Bijelo Brdo, spoke out about the game. He said it was unworthy of any sport except maybe motocross. On behalf of his team, he expressed maximum support for Vukelic and praised his performance before his mistake. He also reminded him that everyone makes mistakes and that he would be okay in the end. Krstanović added that they were all with him and that he would have to put up with some criticism at training this week.

Vukelic himself took these comments in stride and knew that he had been through much worse things in his life. He also knew that he had a great team behind him who would help him come out of this even stronger. With head held high, he looked forward to putting in more work at training and becoming an even better player for Bijelo Brdo.

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