As the first venture investor in OpenAI, I was deeply concerned about the potential dangers of having a board with the wrong values. The recent drama surrounding the company only confirmed my suspicions that fancy titles like “Director of Strategy at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology” can often lead to a false sense of understanding when it comes to complex processes like entrepreneurial innovation.

OpenAI’s board members’ focus on “effective altruism” and their misapplication of this concept could have set back progress towards the tremendous benefits that artificial intelligence has to offer. Imagine a world where everyone has access to free doctors and near-free tutors, thanks to AI. This is what we stand to lose if we don’t approach AI development with care and caution.

In my experience, the best companies are those whose visions are led and executed by their founding entrepreneurs, people who put everything on the line to challenge the status quo and make the world a better place. While there may be risks involved in this approach, I firmly believe that the benefits far outweigh any potential downsides. Founders like Sam Altman, who face risks head-on and are focused on making a positive impact, are essential for driving progress in any industry.

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