Breslow provides an update on Kenley Jansen, Red Sox closer, amidst swirling trade rumors

The Boston Red Sox face a daunting task in the 2024 MLB season, with their two consecutive last-place finishes and the formidable strength of the American League East. Their lackluster offseason, with no major additions to the roster, has raised concerns about their competitiveness.

However, if the Red Sox are truly rebuilding, then it may be time to consider trading some of their veteran players. One such player is closer Kenley Jansen, who has been at the center of trade rumors throughout the offseason. Jansen is nearing the end of his contract and could provide a valuable asset to a contending team with his skills.

Red Sox chief baseball officer Craig Breslow has confirmed that Jansen is currently on the team and praised his talent and contribution to the bullpen. Despite this, there is still doubt about a possible trade due to the high cost of a $16 million closer, especially one who is 36 years old. However, keeping Jansen for the regular season may make sense before potentially trading him later if the Red Sox are not in playoff contention.

Ultimately, if the Red Sox defy expectations and find themselves in playoff contention by the trade deadline, they may choose to retain Jansen. Otherwise, trading him could make sense as there will always be demand for bullpen help near that time of year.

Overall, while facing an uphill battle in 2024, it appears that Kenley Jansen’s future with Boston Red Sox remains uncertain as he could either stay or be traded depending on how well they perform during regular season and approaching trade deadline.

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