Brainerd Lakes Home Show & Expo Features Over 160 Companies and Nonprofits

The Brainerd Lakes Home Show & Expo took place this past Friday and Saturday at the Essentia Health Sports Center in Brainerd, where over 160 businesses and non-profit organizations from the region showcased their products and services. The event brought together consumers, business owners, and the community in a welcoming and fun environment, especially during the end of March when there may not be many other events happening.

One of the companies present at the event was Setri Barrel Saunas, whose Foreman, Ryan Fuhr, expressed how beneficial it was to meet customers in person and explain their business. Building relationships with customers is crucial for small businesses, and events like these allow them to share their entire business story with the community.

Mike Kuck, the Owner of Schroeder’s Home Services, highlighted the importance of connecting with people in the community at trade shows. He emphasized the value of being able to tailor options to individuals, as opposed to one-size-fits-all solutions offered by larger stores. Trade shows also provide an opportunity for small business owners to network and collaborate with each other.

While some may argue that larger trade shows in places like Las Vegas offer more opportunities for exposure and growth, Kuck pointed out that events like these offer a sense of community and connection that is unique to the area. The Brainerd Lakes Home Show & Expo serves as a valuable platform for small businesses to connect with customers, network with other business owners, and showcase their products and services to the community. These events play a vital role in supporting local businesses and building a strong sense of community in the area.

By Samantha Johnson

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