After media reported a possible agreement on a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, there is still no agreement, according to the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Washington Post had previously reported that Israel and Hamas are close to agreeing on a ceasefire in the Middle East conflict.

On Saturday evening (local time), after the Washington Post’s report, White House National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson wrote in a statement: “No agreement yet, but we continue to work hard to reach an agreement.” Netanyahu also echoed these sentiments, saying there was no agreement yet.

The draft agreement has been in discussions for weeks, with Qatari capital Doha drawing up the terms of the ceasefire between Israel, the USA and Hamas. With the intervention of the USA, hostages will be released from Gaza Strip in the next few days. All parties would freeze fighting for at least five days, with initially 50 or more hostages being released in smaller groups every 24 hours. The situation on the ground will be monitored using air surveillance. The cessation of hostilities should enable significantly more humanitarian aid including fuel from Egypt to reach Gaza Strip.

On Sunday night, Israeli television published details of a possible agreement to release hostages in Gaza Strip. According to N12 broadcaster report, Hamas is said to have signaled its fundamental willingness to release 87 hostages including 53 women, children and young people and 34 foreigners. In return, Israel must commit to a five-day pause in fighting in Gaza Strip and release female Palestinian prisoners minors in Israeli prisons as well as so-called security prisoners. Hamas is also demanding that more fuel be imported into the coastal strip.

However, communication with Yahya al-Sinwar (Hamas leader) has been difficult lately as he has not given any clear final answer through mediators in Qatar yet according to N12 broadcast station report

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