Strengthening Gender Equality in Science: A Challenge

During a conference held at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, three accomplished scientists encouraged the defeat of the belief that some races and careers are not meant for women. The talk coincided with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which is celebrated on February 11th and was promoted by UNESCO and UN-Women.

The panelists included Érika Bustos, a Mexican scientist who spoke about her work in environmental electrochemistry and how it can be used to recognize contaminants in the environment with the goal of preventing pollution of aquifers. Isabel Gómez, a biologist who shared her love for laboratory work and encouraged others to follow their passion for knowledge, also spoke at the event. Citlali Trueba, another Mexican scientist who revealed her love for biology and her interest in understanding the inner workings of living beings, particularly neurons, was also present.

The panelists emphasized the importance of promoting gender equality in the technological field and eradicating false beliefs about women in science and technology. They each described how they overcame challenges and pursued their passions, hoping to inspire others to do the same.

Isabel Gómez spoke about her personal challenges and how she overcame the beliefs of others to pursue her ambitions for the benefit of society. She shared her love for laboratory work with girls of all ages who attended the conference, encouraging them to follow their passions as well. Claudette Romero, an engineer who served as moderator for the event, also emphasized the importance of promoting gender equality in science and technology.

Overall, this conference aimed to promote gender equality in science and technology while highlighting successful women scientists from Mexico as role models for young girls interested in pursuing careers

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