Is the EU’s AI regulation a concern for Finnish healthcare? STM sees it as a competitive edge

The EU member states can finally create their own national artificial intelligence legislation as the EU’s new regulation on artificial intelligence has been approved. This regulation prohibits real-time biometric monitoring, profiling based on sensitive characteristics, and requires clear labeling of content created with artificial intelligence. The stricter the societal risks associated with an AI system, the more stringent the regulation will be. Social care and health care are categorized as high-risk areas for AI use according to the regulation.

Finland played a significant role in negotiating the details of the regulation, particularly concerning health and safety sectors. The European Parliament finalized the regulation on March 13 to restrict the use of artificial intelligence, ensuring safety and protection of citizens’ rights.

The completion of the EU’s artificial intelligence regulation is seen as a positive step towards creating a safe regulatory framework that respects fundamental rights and provides a competitive advantage in AI development. With this new regulatory framework in place, member states can now develop their own national AI legislation that clarifies concerns around applying AI in various sectors, such as healthcare. The atmosphere in Finland is hopeful for the future of AI development under this new regulatory framework.

By Samantha Johnson

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