Picking a Candidate: Anyone But Trump or Biden

An elementary school teacher and former soldier from Dallas, Texas, who is now known as “Literally Anybody Else,” has announced his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential elections. He legally changed his name in an attempt to catalyze dissatisfaction with the two main candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

He believes that the 300 million people in the country deserve better than what they have been getting from the two major parties, which he says has not benefited ordinary citizens. To get his name on the ballot in Texas, he needs to collect 113,000 signatures. However, since this seems unlikely, he is campaigning for people to write “literally anybody else” on the ballot instead. His goal is to ensure that America is not forced to choose between what he calls the “debt king” and an 81-year-old candidate.

As part of his unconventional campaign, Literally Anybody Else is working to gather support and create awareness for his platform of offering a different choice for voters in the upcoming election. His candidacy has sparked curiosity and discussion about the need for alternative voices in the political landscape, challenging traditional norms and expectations of the electoral process.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Literally Anybody Else stated that he believes that “anyone else” would be a better option than Biden or Trump. He argued that it was time for a change from the same old politics as usual and emphasized that ordinary citizens deserved more than what they were getting from their elected officials.

Despite facing skepticism from many politicians and pundits alike, Literally Anybody Else remains committed to his campaign and believes that he can make a real difference in American politics. He plans to continue rallying support through social media and other platforms until Election Day in 2024.

Overall, Literally Anybody Else’s unconventional campaign has brought attention to the need for alternative voices in American politics and challenged traditional norms and expectations of the electoral process. Whether or not he ultimately succeeds in winning over voters remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: this election cycle will be anything but typical.

By Samantha Johnson

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