Abstract Guidelines for 2024 Global Health Week at MUSC

MUSC Global Health Week is seeking abstracts for its poster session, with a focus on global health issues. Submissions must be in narrative form and not include visual aids such as tables, charts, or graphs. The abstract should be no more than 300 words and include the problem being addressed and the approach taken to solve it. While preliminary results are suggested, they are not required. However, authors must establish a clear connection between their work and outcomes related to global health.

To be accepted, submissions will be evaluated based on originality, presentation, relevance, quality, and clarity. The committee will recommend which submissions should be included in the poster session. Authors will receive notification of acceptance by March 29th along with detailed instructions on how to prepare their posters. It is important for the submitting author to attend the event and present their poster. Additionally, any co-authors must give pre-approval before submission of the abstract.

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