Concerns over child health risks raised as Federal pesticide review in Canada falls behind schedule

Canadian health officials are currently facing delays in assessing the impact of organophosphate pesticides on public health. Despite historical concerns and bans on these substances in other countries, organophosphates are still being used in Canada. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency has been slow to conduct a comprehensive review of these pesticides, raising doubts about the effectiveness of current regulations.

A lawyer with Ecojustice, Laura Bowman, emphasizes the dangers of organophosphates. She highlights that these chemicals have been hazardous for the past two decades and pose significant health risks, especially to children who may be exposed to them without detection for years. The limited monitoring of pesticides in Canadian water supplies adds to the uncertainty regarding the real-world impact of these chemicals on public health.

The ongoing use and lack of adequate oversight concerning organophosphates are significant health risks that need to be addressed urgently. It is crucial to evaluate and address the potential dangers posed by organophosphate pesticides to safeguard public health.

By Samantha Johnson

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