Global Carnival Celebrations Reach Peak Joy in New Orleans, Rio, and Cologne as Lent Nears

The Carnival celebrations in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and other locations around the world are at their peak. Each city has its own unique customs, but there are undeniable similarities in the festivities.

In New Orleans, revelers can be seen strutting in parades featuring elaborate floats with giant figures of Greek gods or pop stars. The streets are filled with dancers in feathered headdresses gyrating to music from music trucks outside Bourbon Street nightclubs. As the celebrations grew over the weekend, fanciful costumes became more common. In Madre de Deus, Brazil, one group of revelers even wore costumes made from beer and soda cans during a parade on Sunday.

In Cologne, Germany, politicians and world figures were not immune to being lampooned during the Carnival celebrations. A float showed a giant Vladimir Putin eating Ukraine with the words “Choke on it” lettered on it. In New Orleans, caricatures of Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and the local mayor were all ridiculed on floats during the festivities.

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