Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes Class of 2024 | Breaking News, Sports Updates, Employment Opportunities

In a special ceremony held in Gowanda, the 19th annual banquet of the Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame took place. During this event, the Class of 2024 was inducted into the hall of fame. Among those who were honored were Dan Waldron from Franklinville, Jerry Capozzi from Gowanda, Kathy Feldman from West Valley, John Burrell from Ellicottville, and Matt Milne from Portville.

Additionally, Chris Edwards from Pioneer, Chad Bartoszek from Salamanca, Dan Metzler from Bishop Walsh, Gary Cuddy from Hinsdale, and Mike Taylor from Olean were also inducted into the hall of fame. The inductees were recognized for their outstanding achievements in their respective sports and for their contributions to the local sports community.

The ceremony was a special occasion for both the inductees and their friends, family members and supporters who gathered to honor them. It was a memorable evening filled with stories of triumph and dedication that highlighted the impact that sports can have on individuals and communities.

The Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame continues to honor and preserve the rich sports history of the region by recognizing and celebrating the achievements of outstanding athletes and contributors. The event featured a photo of the present inductees sitting or standing in two rows.

By Samantha Johnson

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