Chicago chef honors 7 World Central Kitchen workers killed in Gaza as heroes

In the aftermath of a tragic accident in Gaza, a Chicago chef has paid tribute to seven World Central Kitchen workers who were killed by Israeli fire. The humanitarian group had been providing aid to those in need when they were unintentionally struck by Israeli forces.

The news of the deaths deeply affected Tony Priolo, a Chicago chef who had worked with World Central Kitchen in Ukraine. He considered the workers heroes for their selfless dedication and expressed his willingness to volunteer in Gaza if given the opportunity.

José Andrés, the founder of World Central Kitchen, also expressed his grief over the loss of his “sisters and brothers” and emphasized the impact of their work in providing aid to those in need.

World Central Kitchen operates in conflict zones, famine areas, and regions of unrest, coordinating their movements with local authorities and international organizations to ensure that food reaches those who need it most. Despite this coordination, the group was hit by Israeli fire during their mission in Gaza.

The logo of World Central Kitchen was visible on the caravan vehicles in videos of the blast. One of the workers killed, Zomi Francom from Australia, had been involved in providing food for a group that Priolo had worked with during the war in Ukraine. Francom’s sacrifice will be remembered as an example of selflessness and dedication to helping others.

By Samantha Johnson

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