Beijing — Days right after preferred artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT’s developer OpenAI released its most up-to-date version, GPT4, Chinese tech giant Baidu, greatest recognized for its search engine and map solutions in the nation, revealed its AI answer to the globe. In a prerecorded video presentation, Baidu’s celebrity founder Robin Li showcased the “Ernie” (Enhanced Representation of Know-how Integration) chatbot, which he stated could comprehend human intentions and provide responses approaching human level.

The service hasn’t but been released for the common public to attempt out, but the occasion listed functions such as understanding Chinese language, producing writing, and performing mathematical calculations, which overlap with ChatGPT’s functionality.

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There had been some highlights for the duration of the presentation, such as the presentation of a poster that Ernie was stated to have conjured up primarily based on text descriptions, but all round, investors seemed unimpressed with the prerecorded launch.

Baidu’s stock price tag on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell by as substantially as ten% at 1 point for the duration of the unveiling, but the stock recouped its losses in Friday trading.

Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu Inc., seems in a launch occasion for the company’s Ernie chatbot in Beijing, China, on March 16, 2023.

Qilai Shen/Bloomberg by means of Getty Photos

The Reuters news agency stated a restricted quantity of folks received codes to attempt the Ernie computer software right after the launch on Thursday, rapidly turning to social media platforms to supply their critiques, like some side-by-side comparisons with American-produced chatbots such as Microsoft’s Bing, which makes use of ChatGPT technologies.

A single individual stated on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo that Ernie had managed to provide an “O.K.” response to a query about a philosopher, for instance, but they noted that there was “a definite gap in between Ernie bot and Bing.”

Reuters quoted the reviewer, a technologies blogger who goes by the manage Chapingjun, with extra than two.four million followers on Wiebo, as saying the gap in functionality was “not insanely massive,” and noting that, “in particular concerns (Ernie) even performed improved than Bing.”

Regardless of the lackluster launch occasion, Ernie is most likely to love a considerable industry benefit on its dwelling turf more than U.S.-produced items, due to each China’s personal drive for technological independence, and Western sanctions.

At the annual meeting of China’s legislature that wrapped up Monday, a revamp of China’s science and technologies ministry was announced, with the stated aim of pursuing “self-reliance” amid rising U.S. restrictions on the sale of sophisticated processing chips and manufacturing gear to China.

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