JunoCam pictures processed by citizen scientists usually straddle the worlds of science and art. In the image at ideal, processed by Navaneeth Krishnan, the enhanced colour contrast causes bigger surface options to stand out a lot more than in the lightly processed version of the image (left). An instance of the outcomes can be noticed in the decrease ideal of the enhanced image, exactly where the pits and a tiny block cast notable shadows. Modest-scale texturing of the surface in the image desires to be cautiously studied to distinguish in between options and artifacts from processing, but the image draws us deeper into Europa’s alien landscape.

“Juno’s citizen scientists are portion of a international united work, which leads to each fresh perspectives and new insights,” mentioned Candy Hansen, lead co-investigator for the JunoCam camera at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona. “Many occasions, citizen scientists will skip more than the possible scientific applications of an image totally, and concentrate on how Juno inspires their imagination or artistic sense, and we welcome their creativity.”

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