A Swiss firm that specializes in harnessing industrial waste and byproducts to create valuable resources as part of a circular economy initiative is looking to expand its presence in the seafood sector. The company, which has been operating for several years, has already developed innovative technologies that allow it to transform materials such as plastic waste and agricultural runoff into useful products such as biofuels, chemicals, and fertilizers.

Now, the company is setting its sights on the seafood industry, where it hopes to use its expertise to help reduce waste and improve sustainability. The firm plans to work with fish processors and other stakeholders in the industry to develop new solutions for managing waste and turning it into valuable resources. This could include using fish waste to produce biogas or using shells and bones as a source of nutrients for agriculture.

The company believes that by taking a circular approach to waste management, it can help create a more sustainable future for both the seafood industry and the planet as a whole. “We see tremendous potential in the seafood sector,” says the company’s CEO. “By working together with our partners in the industry, we can help reduce waste, conserve resources, and create new opportunities for innovation.”

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