Croatian police are currently investigating more than 50 digital devices that were seized from eight suspects accused of child pornography. The investigation aims to determine the extent of the crimes committed, whether the suspects shared photos with child pornography, and how they obtained the images. One of the suspects has been arrested, and a child was saved in an international operation called “Mosaic” that targeted Croatian pedophiles. While little information has been disclosed about the investigation, Slovenian authorities have provided more details.

Eight Slovenian citizens have been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing children and minors over the internet. However, it is unclear if they are connected. The suspects are believed to have committed multiple offenses related to exposure, production, possession, and forwarding of pornographic material depicting sexual abuse of minors, which is punishable by up to eight years in prison in Slovenia. The suspects accessed dark web links and used the internet from various locations, including virtual Internet connections and public access points.

In Montenegro, three individuals were arrested for child pornography as part of Operation “Mosaic.” The Montenegrin police conducted Operation “Temid,” primarily aimed at protecting minors and preventing the exchange or distribution of pornographic material created by minors.

The main suspects in both countries used cryptocurrency to make purchases on the dark web while concealing their identities and actions. Evidence gathered through analyzing digital devices is being used to prosecute these individuals for their crimes.

Overall, this global operation highlights the need for increased cooperation between law enforcement agencies worldwide to combat online child abuse effectively.

Slovenian authorities have also revealed that one of the suspects accessed encrypted messaging applications such as Telegram and Signal to communicate with other pedophiles.

While there has been some progress in recent years in combating online child abuse, more needs to be done to protect vulnerable children from predators who use technology anonymously to perpetrate their heinous crimes.

The Montenegrin police have also stated that they will continue working closely with other law enforcement agencies worldwide to identify potential offenders and prevent future cases from occurring.

It is crucial that governments invest more resources into developing advanced technologies that can detect and prevent online child abuse effectively while respecting privacy rights.

In conclusion, this international operation underscores the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies worldwide in combating online child abuse effectively. While progress has been made in recent years, much work remains to be done before we can ensure that all children are safe online.

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