Sarah’s Science: Exploring Dry Ice through Experiments

Discover the fun and science behind dry ice through Sarah Spivey’s demonstrations!

Are you ready to witness some amazing experiments with dry ice? Look no further than GMSA@9 on Wednesdays, where meteorologist Sarah Spivey takes you on a journey through the world of dry ice. Join us in partnership with the San Antonio Zoo for an exciting series of experiments that are sure to inspire your scientific curiosity.

Here are the materials you will need:


– DRY ICE BIG BUBBLE: large bowl, dish soap/water mixture, water, shoe lace or strip of cloth

– EXTINGUISHING CANDLE: Tea light, match, Tupperware or small bowl

– DRY ICE “INSTRUMENT” Cups/containers of different sizes/shapes, water, soap

– BILLIONS OF BUBBLES: water, soap

Ready to try your hand at these experiments? Follow these simple steps:


1. Fill a large bowl with water and drop a little dry ice in it.

2. Dip a shoe lace or strip of cloth in a soapy solution and drag it across the bowl, sealing the bowl with soapy water. You should see a big bubble form with vapor from the dry ice.


1. Place a tea light inside of a Tupperware and light the candle.


By Samantha Johnson

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