US$60 million investment planned by developer this year

The ECIPSA Group, a real estate development company led by businessman Jaime Garbarsky, is set to invest US$59 million this year. This includes the construction of new properties and the purchase of land in Argentina, Paraguay, and Panama. In 2023, the company acquired IRSA, a leading real estate company owned by businessman Eduardo Elsztain, in Buenos Aires. The company will begin working on an important mixed-use development project on a nearly 16-hectare plot of land.

ECIPSA has been operating in the country for 45 years and has over 101 ventures across 12 cities. It is known for its Natania brand, which it hopes to continue growing and expanding in Paraguay. In Argentina, it recently completed its Natania 61 megaproject with over 190 apartments in Mendoza. In 2022, the second stage of the project concluded and the last delivery was recently completed.

Walter Fuks, CEO of Grupo ECIPSA, stated that the company plans to continue investing in new projects not only in Mendoza but also other Argentine provinces and other countries. At an international level, ECIPSA continues to grow by signing a new exclusivity agreement with Crystal Lagoons to operate under their WoOoW brand in São Paulo, Brazil and opening offices in Israel where they will begin operating their exclusive license for Crystal Lagoons’ Middle Eastern country.

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