Are Modi’s economic policies benefiting every Indian? | India Elections 2024

India has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, making it the world’s fifth-largest economy. The World Bank has recognized India as a leader in growth within South Asia, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is widely considered responsible for this success over the past decade. As he prepares for upcoming general elections, Modi aims to use this economic momentum to secure a third term in office.

However, despite the overall economic improvements under Modi’s administration, there are concerns about the widening wealth gap within the country. Many Indians have reported seeing improvements in their financial situation, but there is a growing awareness of the unequal distribution of wealth and resources.

Meanwhile, other countries are also focusing on sustainability. The United States has announced plans to invest significant funds into environmental cleanup efforts at industrial sites across the country. This move highlights a global commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

In addition to these developments, Microsoft has recently made changes to its Teams app that may impact millions of users worldwide. The company has decided to require users to purchase Microsoft Office separately from the app, which could lead to additional costs for many users who rely on Teams for communication and collaboration purposes.

By Samantha Johnson

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