Despite current cost-price squeeze, Purdue Ag Economy Barometer reflects optimism about future.

James Mintert, Director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture, recently discussed the latest findings from a barometer survey and provided insights into the current state of the agricultural industry. According to Mintert, while the overall index seems to be in a holding pattern, there are some interesting trends when comparing future expectations to current conditions. The slight increase in the barometer was driven by increased optimism about the future, with the Index of Future Expectations seeing a 5-point rise from February. However, this was offset by a 2-point drop in the Index of Current Conditions compared to the previous month and a 25-point decline compared to the same time last year.

One of the major concerns for farmers at present is high input costs. Michael Langemeier, Associate Director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture, noted that breakeven projections are slightly lower than last year due to many inputs already being purchased. While there are worries about potential fluctuations in fuel and labor costs, these concerns pale in comparison to high input costs and locking in high breakeven prices. Mintert highlighted this issue as one of the biggest challenges facing farmers at present.

Furthermore, Purdue’s survey on farmer opinions found that more farmers are expressing poor prospects for farm profitability than ever before. The number of farmers expressing negative outlooks has risen from 7% last fall to 22% this month. This trend is seen as a sign of increased worry about cost-price squeezes and uncertainty surrounding farm profitability by Mintert.

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