Kuwait’s Emir calls for wide involvement in upcoming parliamentary elections

In a televised address, the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, urged Kuwaitis to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections set for next Thursday. He emphasized the importance of exercising one’s constitutional right to choose representatives and cautioned against boycotting the elections.

Sheikh Meshaal Al-Sabah also highlighted the significance of choosing wisely for the country’s future and encouraged voters to prioritize national interests over personal agendas. He stressed the need for a civil and respectful election process and urged candidates to speak in a manner that pleases God and does not offend others.

The Emir also addressed concerns about Kuwaiti nationality, emphasizing the need to preserve the country’s identity and support efforts to combat forgery. He called for unity in protecting Kuwait and its people, warning against division and strife.

As preparations for the elections progress, schools will serve as polling and counting centers during voting day. Officials have allocated resources to ensure a smooth and transparent voting process. The electoral silence period is set to begin soon, marking the start of an important civic engagement opportunity for all Kuwaitis.

In conclusion, Sheikh Meshaal Al-Sabah’s message serves as a call to action for all citizens to exercise their democratic rights and fulfill their civic duties in the upcoming parliamentary elections. By participating in this crucial process, Kuwaitis have the opportunity to shape their country’s future and contribute to its development and prosperity.

By Samantha Johnson

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