Employers Concerned About RN’s Radical Economic Plans

The National Rally (RN) has caused concern among employers’ organizations about the risk of financial instability if they win the legislative elections. They fear that the economic policies put in place since 2017, which have benefited businesses and employment, could be unraveled. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, has urged the economic world to speak out against the RN’s economic program, warning of the potential consequences of implementing such policies.

Despite not explicitly naming the RN in their statements, Medef and CPME have expressed concerns about proposals that could further strain public finances and lead to tax increases for households and businesses. Medef has highlighted the potential risk of financial instability and mistrust from economic partners if certain economic programs are implemented. Similarly, CPME has emphasized the importance of maintaining supply-side policies, decarbonizing the economy, and reforming the social protection system.

Employers are cautious in their approach to criticizing the RN directly to avoid alienating potential voters. However, concerns remain about a lack of clarity on their economic program and its potential impact on current economic policies that have shown positive results. As legislative elections draw closer, there is a sense of unease among employers about the uncertainties surrounding economic policies and their implications for businesses and the economy.

In conclusion, while some employers are hesitant to speak out against the RN directly due to political considerations, others share concerns about their ability to maintain current successful policies should they win power in upcoming elections.

By Samantha Johnson

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