Croatia’s qualification for the Euros is still uncertain as they are three points short of placing 13th out of a possible 15 major competitions since independence. If Wales draws with Turkey, Croatia will gain a point and qualify for the Euros with a defeat against Armenia. However, the match against Armenia is also crucial for determining the final tournament draw, which could determine Croatia’s path to success.

Uefa ranks national teams based on their performance in the qualifications, and the top-ranked teams include Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, and England. If the qualifications were to end today, Croatia would be in third place in a strong group that includes Scotland, Slovakia, Netherlands, and Serbia. However, if Turkey wins against Wales and Denmark beats Albania or Romania in their remaining matches, Croatia could finish fourth and face a more difficult draw.

There are three unknowns left before Thursday’s draw for additional qualifications regarding direct travelers to Germany. The weakest strong group will consist of three national teams that will not be known at the time of the draw. So far

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