During the Family Science Week showcase event at MTU Kerry North Campus over the weekend, various attendees were captured in photographs having a great time. Aliyah Bruse and Rebekah Landy were among those seen enjoying themselves, as was 10-year-old Eoin McMillan who got into the scientific spirit. Daithi Nolan was also photographed enjoying himself at the event, along with Keely Flaherty and Lily Walsh who were seen with the Nutty Scientist, Robert Cooke.

TY student Muireann Hussey from Mercy Mounthawk in Tralee was captured testing the skin of Daithi Nolan at the showcase event, which was part of National Science Week. Sisters August Culhane and Sheeryn Culhane were also photographed at the event, as were six-year-old Keelan Wren, Aidan Nkomo, and Jayden Duma who were seen enjoying the VR experience.

The showcase event at MTU Kerry North Campus included a wide variety of activities, including VR experiences, scientific testing, robotics, weather forecasting, electric vehicle display, sustainable food making, zoology, book reading, children’s sustainable recycling workshop, slime experiments and much more. Organizers described it as a fantastic day of free entertainment that inspired wonder in the children’s eyes at the range of activities available to them.

The showcase was part of a busy weekend at MTU’s North Campus in Tralee. Check out our photo gallery for more snapshots from this exciting event!

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