Watch 54 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers games on tv32 this season and get ready to play ball!

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and tv32 have announced a new partnership that will bring more local sports programming to viewers in Northeast Wisconsin. Starting with the first pitch on April 5th, tv32 will broadcast 54 Timber Rattler games this season, available for free over the air.

This move represents a significant expansion of regional sports coverage for viewers, and tv32 is proud to enhance its sports lineup with Timber Rattlers baseball. The goal is to cater to the fans’ passion for sports and make regional sports more accessible to the community. By broadcasting the games over the air, both tv32 and the Timber Rattlers aim to improve the fan experience, both in the stadium and at home.

Both organizations are adamant that this partnership is all about the fans. President/CEO of the Rattlers, Rob Zerjav, emphasized that listening to what fans want and delivering on those requests is crucial to their success. Station Manager/News Director Ryan Scott expressed his pride in bringing this exciting new addition to tv32’s sports lineup.

tv32 already offers a diverse sports lineup that includes Wisconsin Herd Basketball, Sports Showdown High School football, HBCU football, and HBCU Men’s and Women’s Basketball. The collaboration with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers adds a new dimension to tv32’s sports programming, providing viewers with even more sporting events to enjoy.

For those interested in exploring tv32’s sports lineup further information can be found by clicking here. With a focus on delivering top-notch regional sports coverage, tv32 remains committed to meeting the needs and interests of sports fans in Northeast Wisconsin.

By Samantha Johnson

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