Framing the Future: Exploring Climate Science, Policy, Fiction, and Narrative in the Upcoming Special Report on Cities and Climate Change

The Special Report on Climate Change and Cities in the Seventh Assessment Report of the IPCC is set to be discussed at a scoping meeting in Riga, Latvia on April 16. This meeting will bring together scientists, academics, and experts to outline the structure, focus, and framework of the report. The report will be the only special report included in AR7.

The participants at this meeting include leading climate scientists and city experts who will utilize a vast amount of knowledge produced by scholars, city networks, and IPCC authors. This includes the Summary for Urban Policymakers, a city-focused summary of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report. The period leading up to this meeting is crucial for experts to expand their knowledge, stimulate their creativity, and test the narratives that will shape the report.

In addition to this scoping meeting, a special discussion hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is bringing together IPCC authors, climate policy experts, and writers who use fiction and narrative to explore the intersection of science and policy. This discussion provides an overview of the forthcoming Special Report on Climate Change and Cities while showcasing readings from the Invisible Cities project. It also engages in a broader conversation on how narratives impact climate action.

By Samantha Johnson

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