Return Date and Route Confirmed for BBC’s Race Across the World

The much-awaited new season of Race Across the World is returning to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday 10 April. This year, the route will take the five duos through Eastern Asia on a 15,000-kilometre race across several countries. Beginning in northernmost Japan, they will journey through six seas and eight borders, navigating the volatile volcanic ring of fire to reach the finish line in the breathtaking Indonesian island of Lombok.

The teams participating in this year’s race include two mother and daughter duos, best friends, a married couple, and a brother and sister pair. With no smartphones, internet access or bank cards, these competitors will be pushed to their limits as they navigate both physically and emotionally throughout the journey. Only one team will emerge victorious and claim the grand prize of £20,000.

Race Across the World is an 8-episode series produced by Studio Lambert for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The series was commissioned by Catherine Catton with Michael Jochnowitz serving as Commissioning Editor. The Executive Producers for Studio Lambert are Tim Harcourt, Lucy Shepherd, Stephen Day with Maria Kennedy as Line Producer, Kezia Walker as Production Executive Charlotte Woolley as Series Editor and Charlotte Jacobs as Series Producer.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new season of Race Across the World; new episodes air every Wednesday at 9 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer starting from April 10th!

By Samantha Johnson

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