Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL secure exclusive rights to negotiate with Chase Claypool

The CFL has taken notice of free agent Chase Claypool, a second-round draft pick of the Steelers in 2020. Despite being a free agent, Claypool’s name has not appeared in any signing periods. To ensure they have first dibs on him if he decides to play in Canada, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have added Claypool to their exclusive negotiating list.

In his rookie season with the Steelers, Claypool scored 11 touchdowns and gained 873 receiving yards. In his second season, he added another 860 yards to his total. However, things took a turn for the worse in his third season when he was traded to the Bears by the Steelers in exchange for a second-round pick. Due to tampering by Miami, this pick was ultimately the 32nd overall selection in the draft. The Bears later traded Claypool during the 2023 season for a swap of sixth- and seventh-round picks in 2025. Unfortunately, his performance with the Dolphins was limited to just four catches for 26 yards in nine regular-season games.

Claypool’s once promising football career has been marred by injuries and trades over the past two seasons. It remains unclear if he will find a new team after the draft or if he will have to wait for opportunities to present themselves through injury or other means. Nonetheless, the CFL could be an attractive destination for Claypool as he looks to rebuild his career in professional football.

By Samantha Johnson

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