The Federal Network Agency and the energy industry have urged citizens to use gas sparingly this winter, despite the fact that storage facilities are full and there is no longer a need for laws like last year, according to Kerstin Andreae, head of BDEW. Despite this, she is appealing to the public to use as little gas as possible, as there are factors that are out of their control.

If temperatures drop significantly for two months, storage tanks may run low and need to be refilled. Andreae also noted that nobody needs to pay for every kilowatt hour saved. The lower the consumption, the lower the costs and the higher energy security. Klaus Müller, head of the network agency, echoed these sentiments and encouraged people to consider whether they really need the same temperature in every room before turning up their heating system. He also suggested ways to save energy by proper ventilation and hydraulic balancing of heating systems.

At the beginning of November, operators of gas storage facilities declared that while they currently have enough gas in stock, an emergency situation could not be ruled out in a very cold winter due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s also important to remember that until recently, Germany obtained most of its natural gas from Russian pipelines through Russian pipelines. However, due to Russia stopping deliveries last year, Germany now relies on other countries for importing liquefied natural gas into its terminals for importation.

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