The Raahen plant of SSAB ranks as the top emitter in Finland once more

Last year, SSAB’s Raahen steel plant ranked as the largest producer of emissions among all Finnish plants participating in the EU emissions trading system. However, as a whole, the emissions of facilities included in the emissions trading system decreased. According to the Energy Agency, emissions from Finnish facilities in the EU emissions trading system reduced by 19.2 percent last year compared to 2022.

In 2023, a total of 15.4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions were generated from plants included in the emissions trading system, a decrease from the previous year’s 19.0 million tons. The top three emitters remained SSAB’s Raahen steel plant, Neste’s Porvoon oil refinery, and Helen’s Salmisaaren coal-fired power plant for several years.

SSAB aims to transition their steel production in Raahe and Luleå, Sweden, to be largely fossil-free by 2040. The investment in Lulea is expected to be around 4.5 million euros and will significantly reduce emissions in Sweden. However, this decision has been a disappointment for Finland economically, as it may mean that emissions from the Raahen factory will not decrease significantly in the near future.

Neste plans to stop oil refining at the Porvoon refinery by the mid-2030s and focus on producing low-carbon fuels and circular economy products. Helen’s Salmisaaren plant had its coal phase-out schedule extended due to supply concerns caused by an energy crisis.

The Energy Agency reported that natural gas consumption increased, while peat and coal consumption decreased last year. Renewable fuel consumption remained stable from the previous year. Weather-related fluctuations in energy demand and production influence emission trends

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