Self-driving car goes up in flames as fireworks are set off during Chinese New Year celebrations in San Francisco

A self-driving car from Waymo, a sister company of Google, has become the target of vandals in San Francisco. Video footage on social media shows how several people first smashed the windows of the vehicle and then exploded fireworks inside it, causing it to burn out completely. The incident took place in Chinatown, where many people were out celebrating Chinese New Year. Despite having no passengers on board, no one was injured.

Self-driving cars have been under fire in San Francisco for some time now. The fire brigade complains that they often block traffic and Uber drivers fear losing their jobs due to them. Since the summer, vehicles from Waymo and rival Cruise have been allowed to offer taxi services 24 hours a day in San Francisco. However, Cruise’s cars have been idle since October after a pedestrian was dragged several meters by a robot taxi. Some argue that self-driving cars are still safer than vehicles driven by humans, but others disagree.

As for other news stories, there is an ongoing debate over the safety of self-driving cars in San Francisco. While some believe that these vehicles pose a threat to public safety, others argue that they are more efficient and safer than traditional vehicles driven by humans. Ultimately, only time will tell if self-driving cars will become an integral part of our daily lives or if they will be met with resistance and controversy for years to come.

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