In Zagreb, Croatia, thousands of fans gathered to witness the last match of the national football team against Armenia in the qualifiers for Euro 2024. One fan among them stood out – Rafael Beserra, a Brazilian who is known for his passion for the sport and his idol Luka Modrić.

Not long after the end of the League of Nations in Rotterdam, Beserra received an invitation from the Croatian Tourist Board and was welcomed as a guest of honor. He has since moved to Zagreb where he studies Croatian and lives his dream of following his beloved national team.

During an interview at Maksimir Stadium, Beserra shared with us his excitement about watching the national team play in Croatia for the first time and how he has never been there before. He also gave us insight into his dedication to learning the Croatian language and how he plans on using it to connect with other fans and follow their progress throughout their journey towards Euro 2024.

Beserra is not only passionate about football but also about social media, regularly posting updates on his social media accounts about his love for the sport and his efforts to learn more about it through language immersion. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s clear that he is living out every football fan’s dream by following their favorite team across borders.

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