Donald Trump’s Truth Social makes him richer, surpasses George Soros on Bloomberg’s wealth list

As a former president, Donald Trump has recently seen his net worth rise to over $4 billion, placing him at 377th on the Bloomberg list of billionaires. This increase in wealth can be attributed to the IPO of his social network, Truth Social, which surpassed tycoon George Soros and landed him one rank below Trump at 378th place.

Trump’s majority stake in Trump Media & Technology Group, the company that owns Truth Social, played a significant role in this increase. The company went public under the symbol DJT after merging with Digital World Acquisition Corp. On Tuesday, Trump Media & Technology Group’s shares surged 54% within half an hour of going public on Wall Street. On Wednesday, they rose by 14%, giving them a total value of approximately $2.6 billion.

With this potential value, Trump’s position could reach about $5.3 billion, increasing his total wealth to approximately $7.9 billion. However, he will be restricted from selling shares in the merged company for at least six months due to restrictions imposed by regulatory authorities. Despite this restriction, Trump has stated that he will be able to pay a cash bail of $175 million to appeal a sentence requiring him to pay $454 million and expressed his desire to use some of his money for a potential presidential campaign in November.

While it seems that Trump now has the resources to afford bail and is preparing for a political comeback, it remains unclear whether he will actually run for president again or not. Meanwhile, the links at the bottom of the original content seem to be unrelated to the topic of Trump’s wealth and should be reviewed or removed.

In conclusion, while it is unclear what Trump’s ultimate plans are for his newfound wealth and business interests, it is clear that his financial situation has improved significantly since leaving office as President Donald Trump.

By Samantha Johnson

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