Changes in Local Gastronomic Culture: Enjoy a Delicious Meal!

In the mid-1990s, I visited America for the first time and was left in awe of the country’s vastness. The houses were enormous, the streets were wide, and my host families were incredibly welcoming. Food was a huge part of my experience, with everything from diners to posh steak restaurants offering low-cal, low-carb or fat-free options. It wasn’t long before I gained 25 extra kilos from all the delicious food experiences!

Now, more than two decades later, I see a similar trend developing in America when it comes to food and dining. Eating out, picking up and having food delivered is becoming a daily norm, with restaurants placing an increasing emphasis on creating a social environment and offering unique experiences for their customers. This shift in the food industry is becoming increasingly important as people prioritize their spending on dining options that resonate with them.

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